Which RV Do I Need?

Which RV Suits You?

It can be pretty difficult to choose which RV would best suit your needs. There are so many options! Things to consider would be your towing capacity, how many people are going to be sleeping in it, amenities, mileage charges, and whether or not you will want to be able to detach and go see the sights in your own vehicle. There are RV’s for the experienced as well as those for the newbie. Below is a list of different types of RV’s that you can choose from. Once you have figured it out, go to Our RVs and pick one that will work for your needs.

Class A
Class AThe Class A is the largest driveable motorhome available. Many consider them to be the most luxurious and well-equipped. Most models have an on-board generator, large water and holding tanks, larger batteries and a great amount of propane. There are both gas and diesel versions. They will typically get around 7-10 MPG. These units are great for "dry" camping (without hookups), for short trips as well as for extended periods. Some of these come equipped to even tow a small vehicle. (Personal insurance policy must be in place) Also, making your travel experience more enjoyable, the living area is accessible even while moving, so there’s no need to leave the vehicle for snacks or bathroom breaks.


Class C
Class C Class C motorhomes are more like driving a typical van, truck or SUV and have the cab section of the van with the convenience of driver and passenger doors. These units often sleep between 4-8 adults, offer over-cab bunks and some come equipped with 1 or 2 slides. These also have an on-board generator, water and holding tanks, large batteries and a good amount of propane. They will typically get between 8-12 MPG. Some are also equipped to tow a small vehicle as well. As with Class A’s, the living area is accessible even while moving, making for an enjoyable trip to your destination.


Travel Trailers
Travel TrailersTravel Trailers can range in size anywhere from 13 feet to nearly 35 feet long. With today’s technology and light weight materials, the weight on these trailers can vary greatly. When considering the space you need, sleeping capacity along with the weight your vehicle can tow, size doesn’t have to matter. There are lengthy trailers dubbed ultra-lites, which have been manufactured specifically so that more vehicles are able to tow them. Check your vehicle's tow capacity (usually found on the sticker inside the drivers side door) to see how much you can handle. These trailers come with full baths, kitchen, living and dining as well as at least 1, and sometimes, 2 bedrooms. Many have 1 or more slideouts as well.

Fifth-wheel Trailers
Fifth-wheel TrailersThe fifth-wheel trailer offers maximum living space and is great for short as well as longer term use. Some are available with larger living spaces, kitchen islands, bars, built-in washer and dryer and split level bedrooms. You will find that most 5th wheels have 1, 2 and even 3 slides for tons of living space. Fifth wheels can haul heavier loads than traditional hitch setups, and because the trailer can pivot, turning is a lot easier too. These units can be towed with a 3/4 or 1 ton truck equipped with a 5th wheel setup. Most of the large fifth-wheel units will require delivery, but are well worth it.


Folding Camping Trailers (Tent Trailers), Teardrop Campers
TeardropThe folding trailer, tent trailer or teardrop is a good way to stay in touch with Mother Nature and a great place for the “newbie” to start. These are lightweight, easy to pull and offer from 2 campers to a great amount of sleeping capacity. Most models offer a two or three-burner stove, a sink and a small refrigerator. The roll-up vinyl windows on the canvas sides of a tent trailer (or Pop-up) give plenty of "breathing" room and allow the sounds of nature in. Setup is very easy and quite quick with these units. As these are very light, most can be towed with just about any size car, SUV, minivan or truck. The Teardrop camper is ultra-lite, sleeps 2 adults, and can typically go just about anywhere.


Toy Hauler
Toy-Box Got toys? Bring them with you in this RV! A Toy Hauler is great to have the best of both worlds.....great camping space as well as a place to store your ATV's, Motorcycles, Race Car, kayaks and many other items. If you need your toys, it's the best way to go. Check your vehicle's tow capacity (usually found on the sticker inside the drivers side door) and consider what extra weight will be added to see how much you can handle. ** We currently do not have any Toy Haulers for rent. Check back later.