Why Not Put Your RV to Work for You?


  • Cut the Cost of Owning an RV
  • We advertise your RV for FREE!
  • We screen all potential Renters
  • You have Total Control!!
  • Earn Extra Income
  • Rent when You want to
  • We provide You with all of the necessary documents

Texas RV Owners Rental is a locally family owned and operated RV Referral Business whose main goal is to provide quality service with a personal touch. Our rental fleet is comprised of privately owned, well maintained RV’s by people just like you. By listing with us, it makes it so much easier to justify your ownership. At Texas RV Owners Rental, LLC, we direct daily, weekly and even monthly renters to you and let you, the owner, decide when, where and how you rent your RV out. Our program helps you cut the cost of owning a Class A, Class C, Tent / Travel Trailer, Toy Hauler or 5th Wheel RV, while allowing you, the Owner, to be in complete control. And, it's absolutely FREE to list with us! By allowing us to rent your RV, you will also be able to deduct many costs associated with owning your RV. Costs like maintenance, including oil changes, inspections, repairs and generator service as well as insurance. Talk to an income tax preparer for more information on the advantages of renting your RV.

It's Your RV, Use it!

Yes, you can earn extra income by renting your RV. But you can still use your RV as you normally would. When you are vacationing in your RV, it will be marked as “booked”, therefore unavailable for rental. Just let us know when to reserve the time for you and we’ll update your calendar.

How it works:

Once a potential renter inquires on your RV or we find that your unit matches their criteria, we will gather their travel information (ie. destination, dates, length of rental, purpose, number of people using the unit, etc) and verify the available dates. If there are any questions about the availability, we will contact you to confirm the dates. If this rental works for you, we allow the renter to reserve the dates with a 25% deposit (based on rental nights only) and move forward to screen the renter's driving history information. Renters are required to make full payment prior to ever leaving with your RV and any monies collected at that time go directly and only to you and excluding the damage deposit, are your profit. As a referral service only, we handle all of the quotes, questions and reservations and pass the renter onto you once they've put down the deposit and passed the driving history screening. We provide you with everything you would need to conduct a successful rental. We leave the decision in your hands, but we are always available to assist when needed. We charge 25% of the rental if we are your Referral Service and 45% of the rental if we are your Management Service. Any additional monies, such as mileage and generator charges are yours. Each FREE listing includes high quality pictures of your RV, specs, stipulations, restrictions, all necessary paperwork and an available date calendar. The rental rate is determined by you; we only suggest what rates seem to be working on similar units in the hopes of enabling you to rent more often and more successfully. We handle all of the marketing and advertising at NO cost to you. NO contracts, NO commitments, NO monthly fees, NO Start-Up fees. FREE. You can opt out at any time. Just give us 30 days notice so that if someone has already reserved your RV for a vacation, we have time to find them an alternative. The decision is all yours on when, where and how you rent your RV.

What We ask of You:
We only ask two things. One is that you maintain your RV in a manner where it’s visually pleasing, safe and mechanically sound so it will provide a "top notch" experience for the renter. This will also increase your online appeal, ensure repeat renters and allow for more inquiries on your RV, all while maintaining our reputation of quality. Secondly, we ask that you advertise only with Texas RV Owners Rental. This will help cut down on any confusion, and double booking.

Sorry, but we no longer offer a Management program. We are happy to discuss the ease of an Owner Rental Program to see if it's a good fit for you or not.

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