FAQ for Renters


What are your hours of operation?
We are open Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:30pm, and Saturday, 10:00am to 2:00pm with service until 6:00pm. We do return calls, when possible, outside of business hours, so please make sure to leave a message with your rental details. We also offer Sunday departures and returns. Renters must be licensed in the U.S. and 25 years of age or older if driving or towing an RV.

Where are your RV's located?
We currently have RV's in the Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston and San Antonio areas.
These RV's are all privately owned, so there is no actual store front or office location. We are happy to show you any of them by appointment and based on availability. As these are privately owned, scattered about and may be on vacations, availability to show may be limited. Please call our office to schedule an appointment.

How much weight can I pull?
If you are looking at pulling a travel trailer, you will want to make certain that your vehicle can handle the weight. We provide all of the hitching equipment, such as stabilizer bars, ball and stinger, sway control, etc., so you just need to show up with an empty receiver and be tow ready. You can check your towing capacity here.


What are all the steps in renting an RV?
Texas RV Owners Rental is an RV rental referral service for the rental of privately owned RV's. So, when you rent an RV or motor coach, your agreement will be with the Owner of the RV and not with Texas RV Owners Rental. We maintain an ever growing client list of privately owned RVs available to rent, help advise you in planning your adventure and help you choose an RV that suits your needs. Once you have decided that you would like to rent an RV, what kind of RV you are interested in renting, when you plan to rent and your exact destination, you can call our office to reserve. Our online booking is currently under construction, so all quotes and reservations are done via phone & email. We can put together a detailed custom quote based on all of your trip information. At this point, you will work out the final details on any additional rental equipment or packages and then make your final arrangements with us. Texas RV Owners Rental will work with both you and the Owner as much as possible to make the arrangement as mutually beneficial for both parties as possible. This may include a driving report for the Owner. We require 15-25% of the total rental price to reserve the RV, a Motor Vehicle Report, as well as valid drivers license and proof of insurance. The remaining 75%-85% plus a refundable $250-$1000 damage / security deposit (deposit will vary with each Owner) and any extra mileage and / or generator fees will be due in cash, credit card or PayPal when you pickup the RV. If using PayPal, the payment must be verified before pick up of your rental. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express & Discover. Texas state tax is 10% for rentals from 1-30 days and 6.25% for rentals over 31 days. Your damage deposit is fully refundable 10-21 business days after your return, if the RV is returned on time, clean, dumped and undamaged. Propane tanks are full upon departure and must be returned full. Motorcoaches are full of fuel and propane upon departure and must be returned full. Funds will be authorized for return after full inspection. Damages may cause delays in refund process. All contracted renters must be 25 years of age or older.

Is there a minimum number of days I have to rent?
Typically, no. In most cases you can rent for 1 night or even up to 3 months. Rental nights are considered a 24-28 hour period. Each Owner will determine the number of minimum nights. *NASCAR, some holidays and special events will require a minimum number of nights though.**One night rentals can only be reserved within 7 days of the rental date. (Holidays and Special Events excluded)

What are the rates?
Rates vary from RV to RV. The Owners set their rates. The rates noted on the website are nightly. Rates will vary during special events, holidays and off season times. Some have 3 night minimums. Special Events would be events such as NASCAR, some Music festivals, etc.. Holidays include Christmas, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, Memorial Day, Spring Break, New Years Eve., and Labor Day. Call our office if you have any questions.

What about Damage Deposits?
Damage Deposits are due upon pick up (or delivery) and are fully refundable if the RV is returned on time, clean, dumped and undamaged.
Any tolls will be deducted from the Damage Deposit. On motorcoaches, any mileage and generator overages will be deducted from the Damage Deposit. Any mileage under the quoted amount will be refunded at the per mile charge. Any generator use under the hourly quote will be refunded at the per hour charge. (Does not apply to daily generator charges) Propane tanks are full upon departure and must be returned full, otherwise there will be a $15 charge plus the cost of propane. Propane tanks must be filled and not exchanged. Motorcoaches are full of fuel upon departure and must be returned full, otherwise there will be a $25 charge plus the cost of fuel. Funds will be authorized for return after full inspection. Typically, Inspections will be done within 7 business days after the return. In most cases, we cannot reverse credit card charges for the Damage Deposit at this time. Check with our office or the Owner of the RV regarding the return policy.

What if it rains on my trip or I have to cut it short?
There are no refunds for early return or cancellations due to weather. Unfortunately, we cannot control or alter your reservation based on weather or any other related circumstances.

What if I need to extend my trip?
If you want to extend your trip, please call our office as soon as you can to see if the RV is available for any extra days. We will gladly accommodate you if we can. Any extensions will be based on availability.

What type of equipment will I need to pull a travel trailer?
Typically, most Travel Trailers require a Class III (2") receiver hitch. Your vehicle will need to be equipped with either a Flat 4 pin or Round 7 pin round Bargman light connector. You will need to check the towing capacity of your vehicle, typically located on the inside of the drivers side door. Make sure the Travel Trailer you have chosen to rent does not exceed the towing capacity, including any additional equipment weight that might be added. The appropriate towing equipment will always be provided. It is the renters responsibility to insure that their vehicle is trailer / tow ready, including any necessary adapters. Keep in  mind that some tow packages are not fully functional right out of the dealership. Check with a dealership or mechanic if you are uncertain or if your vehicle has never towed an RV.

What type of camping spot should I get?
Many RV campsites will have a variance of RV capable sites available. Full Hook-Up means that the site will include everything you would need, level parking pad, 30 / 50 amp electric, city water and a sewage drain.

Here is a 30 amp plug. 30 amp plugSome will offer variations that might exclude sewage. If there is no sewage at your campsite, there will usually be one located within or near the campground. The park will typically ask what length of site you would need and also inform you of what they have available. Refer to your RV specs to determine how long of a site you would need. If you are camping in a non RV designated area, a generator is typically required as the battery will only provide enough power for lights for a limited time and the battery will NOT run the A/C, TV or microwave. If plugging into a standard home outlet (120VAC / 15A or 20A), you can use some things like lights, TV, furnace fan and microwave with an adapter. The overhead A/C will typically not run on this kind of power and will blow the breakers. For more questions regarding power, click here. Most Class A & Class C RV's have on-board generators. Most RV's have a reserve water tank that will hold from 25-50 gallons of fresh water. It is recommended that you don't fill these tanks until you are close to your destination in order to avoid any extra weight and water swaying during the trip.

Do I need a special license to drive a motorhome? What is the minimum age requirement?
Check with your states requirements to see if you need a special driver's license to drive a larger Class A motorhome. The minimum age requirement to rent and drive any RV is 25. A current government / state issued driver's license is required to rent. Each driver will need a signed, authorized and positive Motor Vehicle Report to fully confirm the rental.

Why rent an RV when I could stay at a hotel?
Traveling in an RV allows you to camp in comfort and still enjoy the great outdoors. RVing can cost 54% to 61% less than conventional vacations. It's healthy!! RVing can lead to more physical activity. If you're in a Travel Trailer, you will be able to park and hook up at your destination and still take your vehicle to see all of the sights. Some Class A and Class C's have dollys to tow your personal vehicle with. Many destinations have hotels miles and miles away from the sights. In an RV, you can stay at much closer facilities, such as state parks, KOA parks, and there are some really incredible RV resorts sprouting up all over the country. You can make your reservations ahead of time or along the way. When you travel in an RV, everything is right where you want it, just like home. Your “house” can be on a lake one day and on a mountain or beach the next. Who knows? You could wake up to some famous landmark or natural wonder every morning! RVing can also help develop strong family bonds. RVing is an experience not to be missed.

What's the cost?
Compared to the cost of a traditional vacation, it is often much less expensive to RV it. With the price of a hotel, car rental, dining out, airfare, etc., RVing is a fantastic alternative. It's really apples to oranges. Think of the experiences you'll have and the money you'll save fine-tuning your grilling skills, and if you're just not in the mood for cooking, you haven't lost the option of trying out one of the local restaurants. Currently, our rental rates range from $99 a night to $275. (excluding NASCAR & special events) Some of our RV's come fully stocked and others offer the option of being stocked (much as you'd find in a beach rental). Go here to see what a typical Amenities Package will include.

What can I expect in a quote?
Our quotes will include every cost you will incur in your rental, with the exception of insurance and toll costs. I
nsurance will typically be handled through MBA for Travel Trailers, Pop-ups, Teardrops and 5th Wheels. For motorhomes, renters have the option of obtaining a Rider / Binder from their own insurance company or can purchase per diem insurance through MBA. Daily insurance rates will vary from $21-$34 per day for motorcoaches and $3-$10 for Travel Trailers, Pop-ups, Teardrops and 5th Wheels. Mileage charges for Class C and Class A motorhomes will range from .29 to .39 cents a mile for each mile over the free mileage. Free mileage will vary from RV to RV. The mileage calculated on your quote will be based on your itenerary. There are no mileage charges on Travel Trailers, Pop-ups and 5th Wheels. Generator charges can be calculated by the hour or by the day and will also vary. Travel Trailers, Pop-ups and 5th Wheels typically do not have on-board generators. Both of these calculations will be based on the travel plans that you provide us. Delivery charges will be based on the distance, hourly rate plus delivery fee. We typically cannot deliver outside of a 100 mile radius. A Motor Vehicle Report will need to be pulled for each driver of the trailer, RV or motorhome. The cost for each MVR (Motor Vehicle Report) is $15 and is non-refundable. Out of country MVR's can take up to 3 months to acquire. Questionable Motor Vehicle Reports may require additional Damage Deposit fees upon pick up. Amenities Packages are offered on most of the RV's either included in the rental cost or at a typical additional charge of $100. Cleaning is typically not included.

What type of gas mileage does a motorhome get?
Gas mileage will vary depending on the engine size, type and weight of the motorhome as well as the travel conditions. Most Class C gasoline engine RVs will get between 8-12 miles per gallon and Class A gasoline engines will get 7-10 miles per gallon. Some run on gasoline and some run on diesel. Check each units specifications if you have a preference.

Is gasoline and propane provided?
Fuel tanks are full upon departure and must be returned full. The renter will be charged a $25.00 fee plus the cost of fuel for not returning the unit full. Propane tanks are filled upon departure and are required to be full upon return. The renter will be charged $15.00 plus the cost of propane if tanks are not returned full. Propane tanks will need to be filled and cannot be exchanged.

Is Towing allowed?
Towing is allowed on some of the Class C and Class A motorcoaches, but renter must own the trailer or tow dolly used to tow. Towing is an additional .10 per mile. It is renters responsibility to connect towed vehicle.

Is smoking allowed in the RVs?
Smoking is NOT allowed in any of the RVs. Your damage deposit will be forfeited if there is evidence of smoking inside the vehicle.

Is Rooftop Access allowed on the RVs?
Rooftop access is NOT permitted on any of the RV's.
Ladders are for Texas RV Owners Rental technicians only. Your damage deposit will be forfeited if there is evidence of rooftop tampering.

Are pets allowed in the RVs?
Most of the RV's allow pets, with weight restrictions, but there is a non-refundable $50 damage and cleaning fee per pet. Any cost from excessive damages caused by pet may be deducted from Damage Deposit.

Can I use the awning?
Some of the RV's come with awnings and some not. The awning use is at the renters own risk. When winds are above 10 mph, awning use is not advised due to unpredictable gusts that can damage an awning. Awning use overnight, when you are sleeping or when you leave the RV, is also not advised. Awning availability is not guaranteed as damage from previous rentals and weather can take some time to repair.

Am I allowed to travel into Mexico?
No. Or as they say in Spanish....no. The RV's are only allowed to travel within the U.S. and Canada. New Zealand travel is allowed as well. :-)

Will Insurance be included with the RV?
Insurance is noted on each unit as either and additional cost or included with the rental. Most of our Owners offer insurance through MBA Insurance and this will cost around $3 - $10 per day for Travel Trailers and 5th Wheels and $8-$34 per day for Class A  and Class C
motor homes. Coverage will typically include comprehensive, collision, statutory liability, UM, medical payments or PIP. All renters will also need to provide proof of coverage to rent. On Class A and Class C motor homes, you can contact your insurance provider to see if they will provide a rider for your rental dates. If not, you can purchase the insurance through MBA Insurance. Each unit and Owner is different and have different requirements so, please be sure to speak with us to inform you what they require. If you have insurance questions, contact your insurance agent to find out your coverage.

What comes in the RV?
Most of the RVs that we offer are equipped much like a small home. Queen or King size master bed, bunks, fold out couches, Full kitchen, gas oven, microwave oven, bathroom with tub/shower and toilet, a/c and heater. Most of our RV's are equipped with a coffee pot, TV and DVD players. A complete Amenities Package, which is similar to what you would find in a beach rental, can be provided for a flat fee of $100 or may be included in the rental cost. Each Owner can tell you what their Amenities package includes. Cleaning is typically not included in the package. Feel free to speak with us or the Owner if you have any special needs or requests.

Why Texas RV Owners Rental over a commercial rental company?
Our RV's are privately owned and well maintained. Our RV's are well equipped, not stripped down generic models. You get the exact RV you rent, not one that is "similar" or close to the same. We are a local, family owned and operated DFW business and take pride in providing the best customer service possible. You will be in contact with us and the Owner, not a customer assistant somewhere in the world. We're RV'ers too, so we want to make sure that you have the best vacation possible.

What if I have to cancel my trip?
If you cancel outside of 14 days of your trip, your deposit, less the motor vehicle report and processing fee, will be refunded. If within the 14 day policy, your deposit will be forfeited. Cancellation policies for NASCAR, holidays and special events can be up to 21 days. Please keep in mind that refunds can take 15-30 days to process. 

What if we have mechanical problems on our trip?
The RV's we list are later model and we counsel and encourage Owners to regularly inspect and maintain their RV. With this in mind, we don't expect problems too often, if any. Roadside Assistance is available for free on some of our motor homes. If a mechanical problem does occur, we or the Owner should be immediately contacted and should make every possible attempt to rectify the situation as soon as possible to get you back on road. Damages to tires and vehicle from tire damage are considered Road Hazard and are the responsibility of the renter. Tires are inspected prior to departure and on return. In the event of a tire problem, please contact our office first to determine a replacement and then a local professional tire service to have a replacement tire of the same size, type and brand installed. Damaged tires are asked to be returned to us or the Owners for inspection. We encourage you to let us know about your experience and level of satisfaction for our own files.