FAQ for Owners

Why should I rent my RV?

Most RV Owners use their RV on an average of 3-6 times a year. The rest of the time, it just sits in storage or at home. You still have to pay insurance, yearly inspection fees, maintenance and storage. Texas RV Owners Rental, LLC helps you recoup those costs and much more by referring renters out on daily, weekly and even monthly rental terms. The final decision is always yours as to whether or not you rent it out. You stay in total control. Plus, it’s a great way to increase your income!!


Where is Texas RV Owners Rental located?

We have Owners in the Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston and San Antonio area currently and are ever growing. We can market your RV from wherever you would like in the Texas area.

Is there a fee to list my RV?

Texas RV Owners Rental is a FREE advertising service. Not "FREE for a Limited Time" free, but truely FREE. We don't charge any Monthly Service fees, Introductory Rates or any Startup fees. We charge 25% of the rental (only) as our commission if we refer business to you and 45% if we manage your RV. (Management availability is limited) All other charges, such as mileage charges and generator charges are yours to keep. It's that simple.

How Do I Know My RV Won’t Get Torn Up?

OK, this is the one we hear most often. Bottom line is that the renter is responsible for the RV while it is in their possession. The only exceptions are normal wear & tear. Each renter is screened through the DMV using their Drivers License and Insurance information and the Rental Policies sheet defines the basic requirements a renter must meet to qualify to rent your RV. The rental is subject to your approval. You will decide on the security deposit, keeping your deductible in mind. Deductibles are agreed upon on the contract. Chances are, there will be times where repairs will need to be made. In the end, you will have to decide what you feel comfortable holding as a deposit.  

Being diligent with your walk-through will save you and the renter headaches. Each renter will need to be given an extensive walk-through on the RV using the form that we provide and must sign to state that they understand the policies and procedures. You’ll keep complete log in and log out sheets documenting any damages to the RV as a renter comes in and out. Video and picture logs are also a great way to log. This keeps a renter from coming back later and saying the reason something broke or got damaged was because you didn’t tell them how to operate it or that the damage was there when they picked it up. In addition, each renter is required to read and sign the Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions were written to protect the RV itself, you (the Owner) and Texas RV Owners Rental, LLC. They clearly spell out what the renter is responsible for and the penalties involved if they don’t adhere to them.

What About Insurance?
Your current insurance will typically only cover the RV when it is parked. We recommend an insurance specifically designed for the purpose of RV rental. We personally use MBA Insurance and they offer very competitive rates. Coverage will typically include comprehensive, collision, statutory liability, UM, medical payments or PIP. This is just a recommendation, of course, but we have found it to be a great tool and it gives us a sense of security. RV's not covered under rental insurance will be less marketable.

What If I Want To Use My Own RV?
It’s very simple. When you know you want to use your RV, call or email us and we’ll reserve it for you just as though you were a renter. All we ask is that you return it cleaned up so it’s ready to go out on the next rental. If we already have a renter’s reservation for your RV during the period you want to use it, we’ll make every attempt to switch the renter to another unit. Please give us plenty of notice.

What paperwork will I need?

If we refer renters to you, we will provide you everything you need for a complete rental. We will ask that you complete and sign our Rental Agreement so we have all of the information that we need for our files. If we are your Referral Service, we will supply you with all of the required documents that you will need to rent the RV. The Contract, Walk Through, Terms and Conditions, RV 101, etc…We will acquire the Renter’s Driver’s License, Insurance and Motor Vehicle Report and email this to you if there are any flags. We will complete a Reservation Confirmation with the rates and totals and email all of this to both you and the Renter. You will be responsible for having all of the paperwork filled out completely and accurately, for insurance purposes and your peace of mind. If we manage your RV, we will notify you of a confirmation. We will complete all of the paperwork, deliver, clean and inspect and inform you of any rental concerns. We only require that you store at All Star RV Center in Plano if we are managing your RV, so we can have access to the RV when needed. (Management availability is limited)

Will Smoking Be Allowed In MY RV?
We don’t allow smoking in any of our rental units. There is far too much risk that the upholstery or carpet could be damaged and many people are sensitive to the smell of smoke.
Every Renter must sign a sheet that clearly states smoking is not allowed in the RV. If they choose to ignore this rule, they will incur a significant penalty so the RV can be fumigated and professionally cleaned to remove the after-effects from the smoke. This charge is purposely high to deter even the most stubborn renter.

Will Pets Be Allowed In MY RV?
That is completely up to you. We will post the pet policy on your write up. Pet damages are the responsibility of the renter and covered under a separate pet damage fee as well as the damage deposit policy.

Who Will Be Allowed To Drive My RV?
Only the Renter and those persons designated at the time the reservation is taken. Each designated driver will be required to be insured, give us their full name, address, copy of drivers license and expiration date and a completed Motor Vehicle Report. The renter understands that they are the responsible party and will be charged for any damage or repairs due to negligence.

What Happens If My RV Breaks Down On The Road?
We provide Roadside Assistance to you free of charge. Each renter is instructed to call immediately for any incidents. Every renter is told that they can have a qualified repairman repair anything that breaks and bring us the receipt for reimbursement for anything up to $50.00. If the repair is for more than $50.00, they MUST call us or you for approval and instructions. The Terms and Conditions on the renter contract clearly spell out the procedures that must be followed and our limits of liability. Our liability is limited to the reimbursement for any full rental day(s) lost due to the breakdown and does not include any other expenses the renter might incur. Our contract specifically states that such things as the refrigerator, generator, air conditioner, etc. does not constitute a breakdown and no reimbursement will be allowed. Owner accepts financial responsibility for any fees incurred due to normal wear and tear, faulty tire and mechanical maintenance or breakdown issues.

Once the unit has been repaired and returned to us, we or you will make the determination as to whether the breakdown was due to mechanical failure or negligence on the part of the renter. If we or you determine it was due to negligence or misuse, the renter will be charged for the repair and receipts as well as service reports will be given to the renter. If the unit is still covered by a warranty, we or you will either send the renter to an authorized warranty station or file the claim upon their return.

If it’s simply a mechanical failure of a part not covered by a warranty, the Owner will be charged for the repair as a part of normal maintenance. If a unit requires repair in excess of $100.00, the Owner is notified before the repair is made unless it’s an emergency and the owner can’t be reached.


Roadside Assistance is available for free for our motor homes that we have on our website. If a mechanical problem does occur, we ask to be immediately contacted and should make every possible attempt to rectify the situation as soon as possible to get the renter back on road. Damages to tires and vehicle from tire damage are considered Road Hazard and are the responsibility of the renter, unless there are signs of normal wear. Tires will need to be inspected prior to departure and on return. In the event of a tire problem, renters are asked to contact our office first or the Owner to determine a replacement and then a local professional tire service to have a replacement tire of the same size, type and brand installed. Damaged tires are asked to be returned to us or the Owners for inspection.

What If My RV Doesn’t Rent?
How often your unit rents depends largely on what it is and if it’s competitively priced. We will recommend a nightly and weekly rental rate that we think will keep your RV from being overlooked, but the final decision on rate would be yours. The slowest renting RVs are 5th wheels. These units tend to rent better for long-term rentals, such as a person building a house or displacement from natural disaster and wants to be on site or stay-cation rentals. These units typically have to be delivered as most Renter’s vehicles are not equipped to pull a 5th wheel. Lighter, pull-behind travel trailers with good sleeping capacity rent well for weekends and vacations since they can easily be pulled to most places. Class A and Class C motorcoaches are great for longer distance vacations and also will include a "per mile" charge after an initial free mile package.
While we certainly can’t guarantee the number of rentals any RV will have, we do have an excellent rental history, a top notch, user friendly website, a focus on good service, a high quality product and fair and competitive prices. We constantly monitor the inquiries so as to maximize the rental opportunities for all of our Owners.

Where Would My RV Be Kept When It’s Not Out On A Rental?

If we are your Referral service, the RV will be stored either at your rental storage facility or wherever you typically keep your RV. Having easy and safe access is very important, as you would typically meet the renter there to pick up as well as return the RV. If we are chosen to manage your RV, we ask that you store closer to our office so we can easily access the RV. We currently store our RV’s at All Star RV Center in Plano and ask that you store there.

How And When Do I Get Paid?
After we collect 25% reservation deposit, then all monies after that are yours. If we refer the Renter to you, they are required to pay you in cash or credit card before ever leaving in your RV. We currently use Square for iPhone and Android users. There are also mobile credit card swipers by Intuit, PayPal and Yoozy as well as many others. If taking a credit card payment, be sure to run the transaction, leaving yourself enough time to verify funds before handing over the RV. The remainder of the balance and any extra package monies are all yours. If a Renter books the RV online and chooses to pay the entire amount up front, we send you a check for the rental amount minus our 25% and fees, once the funds clear our bank account.
There are different stipulations if we manage your RV, so please call for details.